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2017 shanghaitech workshop on emerging devices, circuits and systems (swedcs’2017)

swedcs'2017 is a forum to gather world-class experts in emerging devices, circuits and systems. it is organized and sponsored by the school of information science and technology (sist) at shanghaitech university. shanghaitech university is jointly founded by shanghai municipal government and chinese academy of sciences (cas) in 2013, and aims to be a top world-class academic research institution.

this year, the workshop focuses on the “intelligent hardware”. today, data-driven and artificial intelligence enabled computing is dramatically changing our way of living and creating both opportunities and challenges for modern computing devices and systems. this workshop gathers the most renowned researchers in the world to exchange the recent development in intelligent hardware from different perspectives:

  • application-driven computing platforms for driverless car, robotics, natural language processing (nlp) and so on;
  • progress in silicon-based devices, semiconductor optoelectronics, power electronics and circuits to enable intelligent hardware;
  • architectures and design methodologies and tools in deep learning, neuromorphic computing and so on.

we also welcome other related topics that are not in the list above.

the audience will mostly be young faculty members, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, and final year undergraduate students in related fields from china and the asian pacific region.

views of shanghaitech

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views of shanghai

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important dates and location

  • free registration deadline: june 25th, 2017
  • late registration fee: 500 rmb
  • notification july 1st, 2017
  • workshop: july 07-08, 2017
  • location: auditorium, shanghaitech university, 393 middle huaxia road, pudong, shanghai, 201210

    • distinguished speaker

      yiming huai
      vp of avalanche technology

      kei may lau
      fang professor of engineering and chair professor dept of electronic & computer engineering, hkust

      senior fellow institute of advanced study, hkust

      ieee fellow
      csr fellow

      alberto l. sangiovanni-vincentelli
      professor, the edgar l. and harold h. buttner chair of eecs, university of california at berkeley

      member of the us national academy of engineering

      acm fellow
      ieee fellow

      alwyn seeds
      head of department and professor of opto-electronics, university college london

      fellow of the royal academy of engineering

      ieee fellow

      steve trimberger
      ?fellow at xilinx inc.

      member of the us national academy of engineering

      acm fellow
      ieee fellow

      kang wang
      distinguished professor and raytheon chair in electrical engineering, university of california at los angeles

      ieee fellow